Batteriebrände Sonstiges

Department: Lithium batteries caused small Sunday fire

A fire Sunday night caused by lithium batteries resulted in minimal damage to an Albert Lea home, according to the Albert Lea Fire Department.

The fire was reported at 8:42 p.m. Sunday at 1207 Virginia Place.


Albert Lea police and firefighters found the home with smoke coming from the garage and out the front door, according to the release.


The homeowner was reportedly out of the building and indicated lithium batteries in the basement were on fire.


Fire crews entered the home and located the burning batteries, the fire department stated.


“The homeowner indicated he had just purchased new, large-cell lithium batteries and was charging them for use,” the release states. “He went upstairs, and about 10 minutes later heard an explosion. He went downstairs to find the batteries burning and popping like firecrackers. He exited the home and called 911.


“The homeowner was able to return to the home later that evening.” Gold Cross Ambulance assisted on scene.


The fire department recommended checking smoke detectors monthly and charging batteries every six months.



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