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Fire results from Laptop

Louie and Liza Catterton got a not so nice, but enlightening, surprise at 5 a.m. on April 3 when the fire alarm went off at their business, Louie’s Liquor.

Police officers arrived to find sparks coming from the wooden counter. They called Fire-Rescue which found the company’s laptop sitting on the counter was on fire. They quickly removed the computer and extinguished the flames.

“Louie and I want to send out a huge thank you to Richard Free with Sentinel Alarm, the Walterboro City Police Department, Colleton Fire-Rescue and all the other responders that showed up that morning,” Liza said. “They all responded quickly and helped save our business. We cannot thank you all enough.”

But a bigger lesson is that computer owners need to be aware that laptops with lithium batteries can catch fire. “Please remember to unplug and shut down anything with a lithium battery. This is just a reminder of how quickly your hopes and dreams can go up in flames,” Liza said.



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