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Mother alarmed by sippy cup explosion

BOISE, Idaho - A Boise mom is on a mission to get the sippy cup whose battery apparently blew up in her face taken off of store shelves.

Dzevada Becirovic told CBS 2 that she was pouring milk into her son's favorite cup, a Nuby no-spill insulated light up sippy, when the lithium ion battery inside of it exploded.


"Kids want stuff that lights up and has pretty colors," said Dzevada. "You expect them to be safe." Dzevada said she had to go to the hospital to be treated for chemical exposure in her lungs and her face.


"If it had been in [my son's] hands, I really don't even want to imagine what could have happened," said Dzevada. "If it choked me up that bad and burnt me, it could have taken a limb of a child that little." Now, Dzevada wants Nuby to recall the cup in question.


Bob Chiaviello, attorney for Luv n' Care, Nuby's parent company, told CBS 2 that the company takes safety very seriously and they have "all hands on deck" to investigate the situation. However, he said that they do not believe an explosion could have happened if the cup was being used properly, so they want to test the product.


Dzevada insists she did not do anything unusual with the cup and in fact, told CBS 2 that she only hand washed it. She's alarmed that the company is not taking the situation seriously and wants to have the cup tested by a third-party lab that she finds herself. Then, she said, she will pass the cup along to Nuby to investigate further.


"It's not about money, it's not about a lawsuit," urges Dzevada. " It's [about] getting the word out there, because Nuby isn't doing their part and obviously [this is] not a safe product."



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