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South Florida Man’s Cell Phone Caught Fire, Not Under Recall

A South Florida man says he was walking along a canal when his mobile phone overheated and spontaneously caught fire. Jonathan Wright spoke with NBC 6 Responds days after he says his Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone burst into flames.


"It started to get very, very hot. I switched hands so I didn't drop it in the canal and it burst into flames. I dropped it on the ground and there was nothing I could do but just watch it burn," Wright said.


Wright’s Samsung S5 is not included in the 2016 Samsung Recall urging Galaxy Note 7 users to stop using their phones after reports of the phone's Lithium-Ion batteries overheating and catching fire.


Wright is not the only customer alleging that other cell phone models, not under recall, are catching fire.


"The phones are still out there, the batteries are still out there, people are still walking around with these things not having any clue that it could blow up in their hands literally explode," Wright’s Attorney Chris Mancini told NBC 6.


NBC 6 Responds searched the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and found four other consumers complaining of overheating issues with their Galaxy S5 phones.



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